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Basic cleaning methods

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Basic cleaning methods Empty Basic cleaning methods

Post  Samaroo Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:55 pm

So I've had a few people asking me to write up some basic guides on simple and easy wash techniques. So As this is the Washing, Drying and decon section, that's what this guide will cover.

So first of all, lets put a little list of what you will need to cover this area. Some of you wont want to go for a full decontamination process, it isn't necessary every time you detail. So just remove that section! The same goes for pre-wash and foam, it's not necessary to go to the same lengths as me but i would recommend at least throwing a bucket of shampoo mix over the car to soften the dirt.

So required bits and pieces.

- At least 2 buckets, 3 if you have them! One wash, one rinse and one wheels. Wheel bucket can be left out if you are using dedicated wheel cleaners.
- A hose and pressure washer if you can get access to them, if not even more buckets!
- A wash mitt, preferably two. The old halfords sponge is not really any good for your car atall! And will only induce more defects that later have to be removed!
- Drying towels. If you have the large microfibre ones, then one is enough.
- Detailing brushes. These amazing things are essential for a really good clean!
- Wheel Brushes, A handled dish brush and a toilet brush are fine, just make sure they aren't used!
- A pump sprayer or foam lance/Gilmore is a great thing to have, but isn't esential!

Products needed

- Snow Foam and Pre wash, Snow foam I recommend either Autobrite magifoam or Am foam. Pre wash autorite Citrus Wash or Valet Pro Citrus pre wash.
-Shampoo, a good ph neutral shampoo is your best bet! Something Like AMbubbles is perfect.
-Wheel cleaner, Acid free cleaners are great and are still just as good as most of their acidic rivals! AMwheels is brilliant.
- An APC (all purpose cleaner) If you have got either of the above mentioned pre washes, they are brilliant exterior APC's.
- Tar and Fallout removers. These are the beginning of the decon stage. Autobrite directs Just the tonic and purple rain are my choices.
- Clay bar, Essential for a good deep clean. any car detailing place will sell them, go for a fine bar, just to be on the safe side, as agressive bars can cause marring of the paint.

Method to follow!

Basic cleaning methods Capture_zps0c0e909c

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