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S&H Motorsport supporting TTD!

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S&H Motorsport supporting TTD! Empty S&H Motorsport supporting TTD!

Post  SHMotorsport Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:21 pm

Hello, My name is Rob and i own a race preparation business called S&H Motorsport.

Firstly a little history about us
S&H Motorsport is a partnership designed to support independent racing drivers and teams. We have technician experience in open and closed wheeled formulas particularly with a Formula Ford 1600 Kent & Radicals.

We have experience in the following formulas:

Formula Ford Marrick 1600 ‘Kent’
Formula Vee Spider
Formula Renault Van Diemen
Radical Sports Cars
BMW 318 Compact Cup Project

Other Involvement:

Radical Clubsport support throughout the 2011 OSS season
End of the season rebuild – Installation of a replacement engine and Dry Sump conversion
Radical SR4 support throughout the 2012 OSS season - and won the championship!

S&H provide support in the following areas:-
Racing Preparation
Driver Liaison
Pit Operations
Timing & Data
Full weekend Race Technicians
Test Day Support

So its safe to say i will be mostly active in the Motorsport section and offering advice to anyone who needs it.

Only recently meet Jake & Steve however it was quick see there passion for cars and detailing. Now we supporting each other and I'm excited to be involved with the new venture they face and are happy to support TDD throughout.

Anyways thats enough for tonight. I do have a website although its only a beta and still under construction however the URL is www.shmotorsport.co.uk

But we are active on facebook and twitter

Thanks for reading and i look forward to becoming active on this site as a 'professional' user

S&H Motorsport

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S&H Motorsport supporting TTD! Empty Re: S&H Motorsport supporting TTD!

Post  Samaroo Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:20 am

love it Rob, didn't realise you had been that busy! good on you lad!!

S&H Motorsport supporting TTD! Capture_zps0c0e909c

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